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Why pay for regular shipping that delivers in two days when you can get same-day delivery for same price?

Our customers

New York Times-worthy

Yes, we've delivered items for our client Bin Bin Sake as featured in the New York Times, proving we can handle huge demand.

When stakes are high

Kettl Tea recommended to use Flot to deliver last-minute Valentine gift. A situation when 2-day shipping is not a option.

Anton Gladkoborodov

Founder of Keji, ex-Fridge No More
“At Keji, we understand that fast and reliable delivery is crucial to our success. That's why we're thrilled to partner with Flot, a trusted delivery service that ensures our customers receive their orders quickly and efficiently. By leveraging Flot's delivery expertise, we can focus on what we do best - inventing new high-quality products from fruits & veggies”.

Lauren Snyder

Founder of The Primary Essentials
“I use Flot Delivery and they are great! It is so nice to be able to give my customers an affordable delivery option, and the app works seamlessly with Shopify. If you are in the NYC area would definitely recommend them”.

Flot: Easy to start. Easy to use

Automated setup via Shopify

Install our app for Shopify and sign up in one minute. Other platform? We'll make it work.
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Commitment-free pricing

Flot pricing is transparent. With no minimums or commitments, simply pay as you go.

Extraordinary service

Our team is always ready to make an extra effort, if needed, to deliver. You can rely on us

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